Helpful Raffle event!
Hello everyone!
We will be hosting a small raffle/giveaway for everyone to enjoy, with some nice prizes!

You will have until March 26th to enter before the thread is locked. The winner will be chosen the day after on the 27th!

1x - Pilot Rank
1x - Cosmonaut Rank
1x - Deluxe Crate Key

All the winner will be chosen using a random name generator. If you happen to already have the rank there will be a re-roll.

How to enter:
1. Like this thread.
2. Comment with your IGN and a nice message.
3. Include a photo of you and your island for us to check it out!

The SkyUnity Staff Team ♡
Hello everyone!
I am here to announce the event we are hosting on valentines day (February 14th). We will be doing three different type of events for you all to compete for good rewards!

The event will take place on February 14th, 2 PM EST and sign up will close 3 hours before the event starts.

Now you are most likely wondering what type of event we will host and that I will tell you now:
As mentioned earlier we will be hosting three different type of events, Sumo Brackets/1v1's, Spleef Brackets/1v1's and Spleef Free for all.

Sumo (Brackets):
Sumo means that you and your opponent will spawn on a platform shaped as a circle, and essentially, you are supposed to hit your opponent off the platform and into the void. There will be no weapons involved, so go train your fist!

Spleef (Brackets):
When playing spleef, players will destroy blocks below other players, allowing them to fall into the void. The point of the game is to break the blocks under your opponent and be the last player in the arena.

Spleef (FFA):
Same gamemode and same rules, but here you will have to kill more than one opponent, FFA means Free for all, which also means that there will be a lot of players in the same arena. Be the last man/woman standing and you will get a good reward.

With all that explained let's talk about rewards. Rewards are what you will get if you win or come second place.

1st place: 10$ store coupon and an exclusive sumo tag in-game.
2nd place: 5$ store coupon and an exclusive sumo tag in-game.

Both Spleef:
1st place: 10$ store coupon and an exclusive spleef tag in-game.
2nd place: 5$ store coupon and an exclusive spleef tag in-game.

How to sign up:

All you have to do is comment your in-game name below and tell us what event you would like to participate in (example: Strqfe_, and I would like to play sumo). And please be on time. Being late to the event will result in you getting...

Hello Skynauts!
It's that time of the month where we recognize those have taken it upon themselves to dedicate time and support to the server. In this news thread I will be announcing the winners of the Top Islands awards as well as the Top Voter and the Top Donator.

▶ Top Voter
Winner: _ZestyOrange00_
Award: $50 Coupon


▶ Top Islands
1st Place: Dream_Theater
2nd Place: Conkabona
3rd Place: Ewans_XD
4th Place: AAA_444
5th Place: Zesmash_

This is a picture of the command /is top. You can check it out during all times.

▶ Top Donator
Winner: larcdemonslayer
Award: $100 Coupon

▶ How to win?

  • To be one of the players to win the Top Islands award you need to be on /IS TOP. We select the best 5 islands up to that month and reward them.
  • In order to win the Top Voter award you just have to vote everyday on all websites! Simply execute the command /VOTE in-game every day and then click on each website link.

  • To win the Top Donator/Supporter award you have to support the server through your donations. That can be done easily on...
Hello everyone!

Thanks everyone for participating in our first ever Christmas Contest! We had tons of amazing entries but unfortunately, everyone can't win... We have picked out the three best comments as the winners of this year's contest.

3rd - 1x Deluxe Key -
2nd - 1x Cosmonaut Rank - @iamunknown2005
1st - 1x - Engineer rank - @marioker

Congratulations to all the winners. Your rewards have been given to you!

On behalf of the SkyUnity Management, hope you had a great Christmas!

Happy Holidays!
We have just applied several store-wide sales for a limited time to celebrate the holidays!
It's also as a thank you for your support to the server and being part of an amazing community.
The sale will be active for a couple of days so make sure not to miss it!

  • 60% OFF all crates, specials, OP Items, global packages, and abilities
  • 55% OFF all ranks and ranks upgrades
▶ Christmas Bundle
An all-round christmas bundle is going to go live on the store tomorrow and it will include a large amount of perks. These perks include:
  • 2x Iron Golem Spawners
  • $2,000,000
  • 10,000 Galactic Points
  • 1x Cosmonaut rank coupon
  • 150x Unity Shards
  • Special global title
  • 1x OP Sword
  • 1x God Armour set
  • 1x Space Key
▶ How to use the sale?
All you have to do is open the store at and the discounts will be automatically applied to all qualifying packages.

Have fun,
SkyUnity Management

Hey Skynauts!

We are hosting a Christmas contest! Also, the resource planet update is out! You will now have to fight your way through vicious and strong aliens on the resource planet in order to mine your Galactic Points safely. These alien waves are still in BETA, they might become ALOT STRONGER or ALOT WEAKER. Suggest your own aliens below in the comments section! Each accepted suggestion will get 1,000 Galactic Points (You can use the same mob type)

Christmas Contest
This year we will be hosting our first ever Christmas contest to thank you all for supporting the server! The contest will be running until the 25th of December, and you will be able to win some amazing prizes! Please be sure to read the steps below in order to ensure that you make a valid entry.

  1. Sign up on the forums.
  2. Comment with your IGN down below.
  3. Tell us what you like the most about SkyUnity!
3rd - 1x Deluxe Key
2nd - x1 Cosmonaut Rank
1st - x1 Engineer Rank

Please note: You can only enter the contest through the above method and you will not be allowed to enter the contest without completing every step! The thread will be locked on the 24th and the winners are chosen on the 25th!

▶ Alien Types
  • 25 GP Reward upon kill
  • Diamond chestplate protection I
  • Iron leggings protection I
  • Leather boots protection I
  • Holds a stone sword with sharpness I and unbreaking I
  • Speed I
Bob Pigalien: (Zombie Pigman)
  • ...
As you may have noticed, we have started the work and implementation of the brand new SkyFights system. SkyFights introduces a whole new way to progress on the Space realm completely based on the 1.8 PvP aspects of the realm. The new system is still in it's earliest versions and you can expect a lot of new updates/bug fixes in the coming week.


▶ Introduction to the system..
To fully grasp the idea and the functionalities of the SkyFights system you must understand the purpose behind it; we wanted to integrate PvP skills into Skyblock.

One of the features SkyFights has introduced and is still under development is the ability to gain ISLAND POINTS from simply leveling up the Fighting Level ladder. 100 island points are equivalent to 1 Island Level, therefore, let's say you get awarded with 10,000 Island points due to your extra-ordinary skills in PvP, you will get 1,000 levels added to your island. Island Levels are now no longer solely based on the value of the blocks placed on the island, but a mixture of SkyFights progression as well as the old-fashion blocks system.

Another feature is the Fighting Level. Fighting Levels are earned through the process of obtaining Fighting Points. Here are some ways in which you can obtain Fighting points:
  • Kill a player in the PvP Pit: 1 POINT
  • [Coming Soon] Win a Solo Duel: 2 POINTS
  • [Coming Soon] Kill a player in an Island Duel: 3 POINTS
  • [Coming Soon] Win an Island Duel: 5 POINTS

However, killing a player in the PvP Pit over and over again through bribery (which I know a lot of you love to do) is no longer helpful. We have set a measure into place to prevent "Point farming" and that is, if you kill a player in the PvP pit and get a fighting...

Hey Community!

The network closed down to the public shortly after the experimental Fancy realm season.I would personally like to thank everyone that participated as the season helped us patch bugs and measure performance. The space realm as been under development for months now and I'm happy to announce that we are FULLY RELEASING the realm this FRIDAY 3PM EST!


▶ 50% Release Sale!
We are having a 50% off release sale that will last for a couple of weeks. The space realm has a set of four ranks. They are similar to Fancy's.
We also gave our store a whole new layout and design to make it easier to view/list the perks of the different ranks. Make sure to check it out at

▶ The Space Realm?

The space realm is a unique skyblock experience were we merged into the space/galactic theme. The Space realm is also a PVP REALM and that's due to the FIGHTING LEVELING system as well as ISLAND AND SOLO DUELING. We have been lucky enough to get ShotGunRaids & BionicMC to be with us on this journey. I will not be posting any sneak peeks, check it out for yourself on release!

Here is a list of some of the futures that the space realm has to offer.
  • Integration of island/solo duel wins as well as general kills into island levels.
  • Resource planet that opens two times a day
  • Galactic Points currency added. It now joins the currency club with Unity Shards and Money
  • Dynamic per-region scoreboards that...
Hey Community!
As most of you know, the server has been undergoing several changes and that came in the shape of economical adjustments and features implementations. Our latest feature is flight. We have taken flight to a whole new level to make sure you get what you deserve from a simple /VOTE

▶ Temporary Flight
You can now get 10 MINUTES of flight time per vote. Temporary flight is not limited to just your island, but it allows you to fly virtually anywhere on the realms. You can vote 7 times on the server daily that leaves you with 1 HOUR AND 10 MINUTES of flight time daily on each individual realm! Amazing right?

1. You will be notified of the amount of time you have received from voting.

2. Good news, you get a 10seconds countdown before your temporary flight is removed and a title to remind you that you need to vote

3. You can also execute /FLY INFO to get the total time that you currently have.

4. We have edited the scoreboard to make sure it even includes flight info! The scoreboard houses alot of valuable information.

▶ The Flight Relic
The relic, a perk everyone been asking about. The relic basically grants everyone in your island's team the ability to /FLY on the island ONLY. Also if an island's member has the relic, it won't matter. Only the owner of the island has the ability to make everyone on the team fly.

▶ Permanent Fly
Having this will make you able to fly anywhere at any time....
Hello Community,
The full release of SkyUnity will unleash it's unique features that have been under development for a month.
The network is set to dominate the Skyblock field over time and attract alot of players looking for a professional, custom, unique, and most importantly, fun environment and experience. We haven't yet set a release date but you can expect such an announcement soon.


▶ Fancy Realm
Fancy realm has been our first server on the network. It was as well our main focus during development. Some of the features that have been added so far are:

  • Merchant Wands
  • A revamped interactive Island Manager
  • Leveled Fountains Member & Donator bonuses
  • Realm-wide trails
  • Realm-wide companions
  • New crate system
  • New referral system
  • Unity Prestiges ranks
  • Unity Shards Leaderboard
  • and alot more...

▶ Lobby
The lobby has changed and we have tried to make it as optimized as possible while providing necessary quick information about each realm.

  • The scoreboard will now tell you how many unity shards you have on each realm. [​IMG]
  • The selector has been re-made as well. We are looking forward to adding information regarding your primary island in the selector in the near future. [​IMG]
  • There is now information regarding registering on the forums and...
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