Greetings all. In this thread you will find every last bit of information you will need to know in order to become a member of our professional Staff Team. The thread will cover the application process, getting denied, getting accepted and will be continually updated when changes to this system are made.

  • You must have a validated Discord account. Discord is the platform we use to communicate and you must possess an account to become a member of our Staff Team.
  • You must have at least some previous experience, so we know that you can be trusted with the powers that will be given to.
  • You must be at least 13 Years Old, as we require all Staff to have a certain level of maturity. Vouches can be made on rare occasions.
  • You must possess 5 - 7 hours weekly ontime, as we require all Staff Members to be active.
  • Your application must be over 600 words, it shows that you have put effort into your application. Although, this is just the bare minimum. We are looking for Staff who go above and beyond the "bare minimum".
Getting Accepted:
Applications are reviewed in random orders in huge chunks, so the best applicants are selected out of a large majority. If you have met all the requirements to become a member of Staff, your application will be validated. This does not mean that you have been accepted. If you are validated, you may never even be accepted - so you will just have to play the waiting game.

If you are accepted by a Manager/Owner (Admins can not accept/deny you), you will be brought into Discord and given a "tour" of the Staff Team and how we function. You will be shown things other players cannot see, so you must keep them confidential. After you have passed a basic interview, you will be gladly working with our other Staff Members.