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Hello everyone,
I wanted to inform you about a small, yet significant, update that has just been implemented to the server.

Ingame Ranks
Ingame ranks can be purchased by any player whether they are a donator or not. They simply unlock access to numerous features on the server such as upgrades and can even boost your chances of winning the hourly lotteries through making you able to purchase more tickets!

The old way to rank up was done fully through chat and was only dependant on money. This update has changed the way Ingame ranks can be obtained;
  • /rankup and /ranks will now open a GUI that contains each of the six ranks (Critter & Cloverfield ranks have been removed).
  • Ingame ranks now require certain playtimes and island levels (i.e Rank one requires 1,000 island level and 3 hours of playtime).

We also had to add the command /playtime so you can check how many hours (or days) have you spent on the Alien realm!

SkyUnity Management

Welcome to our website!

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Hello everyone,
We have just launched our website. We will be posting detailed threads regarding all updates that take place in-game or on any of our platforms. As most of you know, we have released Alien Skyblock which is our first Skyblock realm. Alien Skyblock is designed to provide the best Skyblock experience yet. It is packed with unique features and is developed precisely to integrate the PvP aspect of Minecraft into the gameplay. No longer will Island levels be influenced by the worth of placed blocks, but they will also be influenced by your fighting levels (PVP Skills).

For our relaunch, we have worked on revamping and improving most features of the server.
  • /Island has been edited to be less cramped and more user-friendly.
  • Hopper upgrades and Legendary upgrades have been added to /upgrades alongside a complete remake of the panels.
  • A more organized kits panel has been implemented.
  • A complete revamp of the server's design. The realm now follows an aesthetic purple design.
  • Scoreboards redesigned
  • Shards GUI added
  • Enchantment GUIs redesigned
  • Critter & Cloverfield ingame ranks removed.
  • /Rankup is now a GUI
  • /Fountains GUI added
  • and a lot more..

The Skyfights system:
Sky Fights is a name given to our core PvP plugin. It is centered around "Fighting Points"; points that can be earned through different tasks such as winning a solo/island duel or killing a player in the pvp pit. Earning fighting points will automatically rank you up the Fighting Levels ladder. There are 20 fighting levels on the Alien realm. Ranking up will come with its great benefits such as spawners, monetary rewards, island points, and unity shards.

Through the command /skyfights you will be able to access three panels: Killstreaks, Fighting Levels, and the Leaderboard.

Island team & Island Top revamps:
As you know, we have always had custom panels for the chat commands, /is top and /is team. Both are designed to enhance your gameplay in terms of organization and efficiency.

Unity Shards & Generators
Generator upgrades are now automatically granted to Islands based on their levels. We have 7 generator tiers that spawn Diamond Ores, Gold Ores, Iron Ores, Coal Ores, and Stone (Emeralds not included, yet). Not only are...

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