Helper Application For 'topevyn'

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New member
Jul 2, 2018
Pennsylvania, USA
Minecraft Username: topevyn

Discord Tag: topevyn#8380

What is my age?: I'm 14 years old.

What is my timezone?: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

How many hours can I spend on the server per week?: On average I can dedicate around 15 hours on the server per week, or anywhere from one to 3 hours daily, but of course that can change easily if I'm travelling or anything else is holding me off the server.

What country am I from?: I'm from the United States, and currently live here.

How long have I been playing on SkyUnity?: I've been on the server since I believe November 2017, although it's not a solid length. I've been off and on. As you know I was staff for a while, and that's when my activity spiked, but with the relaunch I've only just gotten started again (early July.)

Do I have any past staff experience?: Yes In fact I do, as I've mentioned I used to be a Helper for the server, I'm a Moderator for 'Botwars', And a Helper for 'CrazyWars', which I might be resigning already due to situations I won't share. Off of Minecraft, I was a Head-Moderator for 'CyclonePlays' until he decided to make every staff member a regular Moderator. I Co-Own a small server with my friend, called 'TSAAT' and have previously been a Moderator for a couple other friends' servers which I don't remember the name of.

Why do I think that I should become a staff member on SkyUnity?: Quite honestly I wish I never left. I had resigned because I didn't think I could handle as many staff positions as I was, and with the relaunch I didn't think I was needed. Besides my missing the community, I think I can help out a lot on hours when I've noticed there aren't any other staff members online. I now know how to handle everything, and can help out in nearly any situation. I know when to take things seriously, and when to take things as an honest mistake. I can promise honesty when I make a mistake, and will take any suggestions or guidelines to improve my staffing. I put a lot of effort into my staff positions, and always follow the rules given to me. I think I could do well, and not that others can't either but I already know the community well, and am friends with most of the staff members, so that will help me in approaching the staff team. On the other hand, I know It's a bit strange I'm re-applying only a little while after my resignation, but with it being summer, and myself finally learning how to manage my time well, I think I'm fully ready to handle staff. I've always loved the players, as well as staff, and as I mentioned before I really do miss everyone, and I'd like to help out where I can, and learn how to help where I already can't.

I'd like to thank you for reading this, and whether or not I receive a helper position, I hope the future of the server goes well, and I wish the staff good luck.

~ topevyn <3

[Edit: I’ll mention that I’m going away without internet this Thursday until this Monday, so with the slight chance I get a response I will not be able to respond or read it until then.]
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Staff member
Jun 28, 2018
Hello, @topevyn !

Upon reviewing your application we have decided to DENY your application for the following reason(s):
  • When you resigned from our staff team you told me/us that you didn't have the time to be staff on any server but still ended up joining another staff team just minutes after resigning. We are not looking for staff members who think that they can just come and go whenever it fits them so unless you can convince me that this won't happen again there won't be any spot for you on our staff team.
You can apply again in one week.

- Cidnynator
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