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Jul 10, 2018
Hi! My name Minecraft IGN is MeemesXD and I would like to apply for staff on SkyUnity. My Discord is Meemes#4462 and I am currently 14 years of age as I am writing this. I currently live in Utah, so my timezone is currently MDT, or Mountain Daylight Time, although the Generalized time zone in Utah is Mountain Time. (MT).​

I can spend anywhere between 10 to 50 hours on the server per week, I am from America, and I have been playing SkyUnity for at least 7 months now. I have very little past staff experience on other servers. But I know I can handle being a staff member and I know how it works. I think that I should become a staff member on SkyUnity for a few reasons. I think that I'm I nice person. I don't get frustrated easily, and I can handle pressure pretty well.​

If anyone ever gets mad at me on other servers about problems with the server, staff, or bugs and they start going off or something. I try to realize that they are struggling with problems and that I am a staff member, So It's my duty to serve and help them with the problems that they are having on the server. I try to be helpful to anyone, even if they are saying rude things to me as much as I can.

I also feel like that I'm easy to get to know. And that I could get to know people so they could report to me if they are having any problems. Then I could contact a higher ranked Staff Member or PizzaMC himself so he or someone could resolve the problem. Which would make SkyUnity a better place, making more people want to come to our server, increasing popularity, increasing sales, which can be used to make the server even better. I know it's kind of a stretch, but that's the way I see it.

When I say I don't get frustrated easily, I'm trying to say that I can get frustrated or mad, but it rarely happens. I don't see myself as a control freak and i don't get frustrated if some tiny thing goes wrong. But I still try to acknowledge the little glitches that might give players an advantage they shouldn't have. For example: a few days ago (as of 7/10/2018) I was claiming my Cosmonaut and Engineer rewards when I accidentally clicked the Commander rewards and it still gave me the rewards, even though i wasn't Commander. I told my friend about the glitch and he contacted a staff member or moderator about it and we got it fixed. There was no point in telling that story, but it proves that I don't take things for granted which i shouldn't have.​

It is currently summer, so I can spend lots of time on the server, but when school starts back up, I can't spend as much time on SkyUnity, and I hope that you guys can understand that. Anyways, This has been my application and I completely understand if you do not accept me as staff. Thank you for the opportunity!​

Thank You,
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