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Jun 28, 2018
Hello everyone,
I wanted to inform you about a small, yet significant, update that has just been implemented to the server.

Ingame Ranks
Ingame ranks can be purchased by any player whether they are a donator or not. They simply unlock access to numerous features on the server such as upgrades and can even boost your chances of winning the hourly lotteries through making you able to purchase more tickets!

The old way to rank up was done fully through chat and was only dependant on money. This update has changed the way Ingame ranks can be obtained;
  • /rankup and /ranks will now open a GUI that contains each of the six ranks (Critter & Cloverfield ranks have been removed).
  • Ingame ranks now require certain playtimes and island levels (i.e Rank one requires 1,000 island level and 3 hours of playtime).

We also had to add the command /playtime so you can check how many hours (or days) have you spent on the Alien realm!

SkyUnity Management
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